Enterprise IP Phone System

Can you still find parts for your existing system?

Replace your aging equipment with a modern enterprise IP phone system. Your users will appreciate the new features and, your CFO will thank you.

Keeping your existing phone system is more expensive than you think!

If you factor in the costly annual maintenance contract, availability of knowledgeable technicians, scarcity of replacement parts, and the cost of downtime when something goes wrong.

With a cloud-based enterprise IP phone system, you will…

Stop worrying about parts availability or expensive contacts

Control the system
and users’ configurations

Count on us to maintain the system at peak performance

Key benefits of the S2T Enterprise IP Phone System

Cost Reduction

Say goodby to your long distance charges, expensive telephone equipment and maintenance fees.

Keep control

You can easily adjust your system settings with our intuitive web portal for administrators and users.

Advanced features

Get all the features your business needs for a better calling experience.

Hybrid Workplace

WKey benefits of the S2T Enterprise IP Phone Systemith a cloud-based solution, accessible from anywhere your users will be able to work on the road or at home as if there were in the office.

Business Continuity

Our resilient system architecture and 24/7 monitoring ensure your customers will be able to reach you in the event of a disaster or other types of outage​_s.

No Contract

Our customers stay with us for the quality of our service and not because of a long term contract!

Popular features prized by Enterprise customers

Flexible Call Flows

Automatically direct incoming calls to any person or team, given a set of rules.

Auto Attendant / IVR Menus

Simple or multilevel and bilingual menus to let callers select how to best route their calls.

Call Queues

Place callers in prioritized queues. Callers are automatically sent to the next available agent.

Automatic Call Distribution

Callers waiting in queues are automatically sent to the next available agent.

Call Recording

Automatic or ad-hoc call recording.

Multiple devices per extension

Assign multiple devices to the same extension. Like a desk phone and softphones for PCs and mobile devices.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain visibility on your call patterns, including call volumes per month, week, day, and even per hour.

Intuitive Web Portal

Access and manage system or user functions from wherever you are.

“S2T allowed us to regain control of our telephone system. The communication between our 4 business locations and remote workers are now seamless.”

Shani Pierre-Ruddock

Director, Operations, EnerZam

Technology Transformation Specialist