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Business SMS

Send and Receive Texts using your business phone number!
Send updates and quick replies via text messaging on your business number. Centrally manage all of your Business SMS conversations with customers.
Add an new channel for your customers to interact with your business. SMS/Text messaging is fast becoming the preferred channel for simple communications.

Add text messaging to your business number…

Use your main phone number to send and receive texts. Or use a dedicated number just for texting. Either way, it won’t interfere with your regular voice phone calls. Plus, the system keeps a history of all your text messages.

...instead of a random cell phone number!

Improve your customers' experience

Let clients connect with your business in the way they’re most comfortable with.

Have various employees answer incoming messages

Send incoming SMS messages to a specific user or a group of users/department.

Keep an history of SMS conversations

Easily start a new conversation or continue existings conversation.

Business SMS – Key Features

One business phone number

Ring multiple devices. Either at the same time or sequentially.

Shared access by multiple users

Route your SMS/Texts messages to a specific extension or send a message notification to a group of users.

Detailed Text Messaging Records

Keep a history of previous conversations. Improve your responses to new inquiries, based on past interactions.

Accessible from multiple devices

Send and receive Text/SMS messages from any device. Available on your desk phones, softphones, and via the web.

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Let's face it, we have multiple form of communications to interact with our customers, suppliers and partners.

However, a phone call is still the preferred way when the conversation is important!

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