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Cloud Architecture

Reliable & Resilient Multicloud Design

Our unique cloud architecture with active-active clustering technology offers maximum service availability including data replication in real-time.

Our cloud architecture sets us apart!

In partnership with leading infrastructure providers, we have built a high-availability cloud architecture with multiple layers of fail-over redundancy.

With our solution, business continuity is not an add-on option. All of our customers benefit from a scalable and resilient IP Telephony solution.

Cloud Architecture Design

Our born-in-the-cloud solution is designed from the ground up with redundancy and a fail-over mechanism. We leverage vendor-agnostic, commodity-based components. This provides us the highest level of flexibility and independence, which enables us to deliver the highest level of service availability and quality.
Active-Active Clustering
Continuous Data Replication
Hardening Security

Data Center Locations

Our distributed cloud architecture is hosted in state-of-the-art data centers. And managed by the world’s leading cloud infrastructure providers. Our vendor-agnostic, geographically diverse data centers act as an additional safeguard. Doing so minimizing our operational risks and service interruption, due to natural disasters and other catastrophic situations.
Industry leading providers
State-of-the-art facilities

Monitoring & Operations

We understand that business communication is mission-critical and it is our topmost priority. In collaboration with our partners, our infrastructure is continuously monitored (24/7) for service availability and quality. We have selected our solution partners based on some of the most stringent operational requirements in the industry, including ISO-27001 and SOC-III Type 2 certifications.
24/7 monitoring
Proactive resolutions
99.99+% SLA

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