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User Features

Empower your employees with modern telephony features!
Your employees have access to advanced user features. They can personalize the system based on how they prefer to work.
With all the technology we use in our personal lives, employees’ expectations at work are high. Give your employees the features they need to be more productive.
It can also help them achieve a better work-life balance.

Enable a hybrid work environment!

Leveraging a cloud-based system, your users can dynamically connect from anywhere. With no configuration changes are needed, your employees can be as productive when they are out of the office.

Choose how the system will reach them

Using the Follow-me feature, employees can have the system ring multiple numbers, either simultaneously or sequentially.

Promptly respond to missed calls and voicemail messages

With the missed call notifications and voicemail-to-email, employees are immediately notified and have all the information to follow up quickly.

Be in control of their personalized settings

Your employees control their user features via our easy to use Web portal. No need to wait for someone else to make the changes. It is faster and cheaper that way.

Popular Features

Follow-Me / Call Forwarding

Ring multiple devices. Either at the same time or sequentially.

Personal Voicemail Box

Each user has their own voicemail box. With personalized greetings.


Message notification sent by email. The audio message is included.

Multiple Devices

Use multiple devices per extension. Including our free softphones.

Audio Conference

Personal audio conference bridge. With no scheduling conflicts.

User Portal

Each user can easily control their own user settings.

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Let's face it, we have multiple form of communications to interact with our customers, suppliers and partners.

However, a phone call is still the preferred way when the conversation is important!

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