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Modernize your phone system with our free softphones!
Communicate with your customers on the device of your choice, a traditional desk phone, your mobile device or your computer!
Expanding your phone system beyond your physical locations is now an essential requirement to stay competitive and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

The modern way to communicate!

Your employees can work from anywhere without worrying about missing an important call while out of the office.

Facilitate teleworking

Stay connected with your customers in real time without being confined to the office to use the features of your phone system.

Company CallerID

Communicate using the company identity instead of using your employees' personal phone numbers.

No capital investment

You can now upgrade your business communications capabilities, without capital investment!

Utilisez l’appareil de votre choix!


A desk phone is now optional!


STOP using your personal number!
  • Application in foreground during incoming calls
  • Option to keep the window always in the foreground
  • Support for Bluetooth & USB headsets
  • Quick and easy activation
  • Never miss a call again with PUSH notifications
  • Minimizes device battery usage
  • Support for Bluetooth headsets
  • Quick and easy activation with QR Code

Easy installation and configuration process

Fully integrated with our user onboarding wizard and offer a quick and easy setup process, meaning anyone can be making and receiving calls in just minutes.

Talk with an expert now

Let's face it, we have multiple form of communications to interact with our customers, suppliers and partners.

However, a phone call is still the preferred way when the conversation is important!

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