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Customer Testimonials

EnerZam – A UCtriX Company

EnerZam is a company specializing in services related to energy efficiency and the commissioning of mechanical building systems. They help companies think smart and reduce operational costs while reducing their carbon footprint.
“S2T allowed us to regain control of our telephone system and improved communications with our 4 business locations and remote workers”

Customer Objectives

While planning their expansion and relocation project, the management team realized that a new communications system was needed to link the different business locations with employees who are telecommuting or on the road. The goal was to centralize communications, cut costs, add a new Toronto phone number while enhancing the company’s image.

Problem Statement

Maintenance of the telephone system was made impossible because of the departure of the system administrator. In addition, the requirements associated with the expansion project justified the need to quickly find an alternative solution.

Implemented Solution

S2T Advanced Business Telephony solution for their four business locations as well as 10 teleworking employees.

Features valued by the client

  • Bilingual Interactive Vocal Menu with professional narration.
  • Intelligent call routing according to the number called.
  • Toll-free numbers and local phone numbers for each market.
  • Forward calls to cell phones of telework employees.
  • Self-service administration portal.


S2T’s cloud solution allows EnerZam to add, relocate and reconfigure their telephones without having to resort to specialized resources. The new self-service portal also provides the customer with the autonomy and savings they are looking for.

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