4 important factors

4 factors that affect the quality of a VoIP telephone service

Simply put, you can think of VoIP transmission as a highway where motorists go one way and others come back the other way.

We know that hitting the road is an experience that must be well planned to avoid unpleasant situations. VoIP planning is also mandatory, here are the factors to consider:

1. Internet Service
Good quality internet service is essential. Some providers will even impose a high-speed internet connection, but in fact, speed is not the only criterion to consider. VoIP is much more sensitive to latency and jitter which are often present in the service.

Latency and jitter are respectively comparable to the total time and the change in speed of a road trip. A motorist much prefers to avoid congestion and variable speed limits.

2. Quality of Service Policy
The implementation of a quality of service policy allows the identification, prioritization and reservation of bandwidth for telephone calls.

QoS is similar to a reserved lane on the motorway which helps avoid congestion of priority vehicles.

3. Network Infrastructure
A company’s IT network infrastructure includes cabling, network switches, and firewalls. These devices must be configured for QoS, reliable, and designed to support a constant load without interruption.

4. Devices Quality
Another thing to look at is obsolete or poor-quality devices will cause echo, static or interference.

In summary
Deploying a VoIP solution should be done much like planning a trip; precautions must be taken to avoid congestion, put on good tires, carry out preventive maintenance and provide the necessary fuel.

A conscientious provider will undertake an assessment of internet service and network infrastructure. It will provide recommendations when changes are needed. The latter will undertake the VoIP deployment only when the conditions essential to the quality of service are present.

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