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Before using our services, it is important that you familiarize yourself with and accept the legal information contained on this page.

Legal documents, policies and terms of use

E911 Emergency Service

911 Emergency Service Terms
Voice over IP (VoIP) 911 emergency service (“VoIP 911 Service”) has certain limitations compared to traditional telephone service. It is important that you understand and accept the conditions and restrictions regarding 911 emergency service before using VoIP telephone service.

Differences between different 911 services
With traditional telephone services, your 911 call is routed directly to the nearest emergency call center. In the case of VoIP 911 Service, your 911 call is routed to a third-party service provider. Your telephone number and address in the file will be automatically sent to the dispatcher. However, since the VoIP telephone service allows you to travel, it is possible that for technical reasons the dispatcher of the emergency call center may not receive your name and the address of your current location. Therefore, when using the VoIP 911 Service, you must immediately tell the emergency call center dispatcher where you are and where you are located at that address. This is necessary so that the dispatcher forwards your call to the nearest emergency call center and avoids sending emergency services to the wrong address.

Spare service
VoIP telephone service does not only depend on the maintenance of your VoIP telephone service subscription, but also on your Internet link and the state of the electrical network. In the event of a power outage, network outage, or Internet outage (including network congestion), or in the event of disconnection due to a payment default, you may be unable to obtain the Service 911 VoIP. We recommend that you have an alternative option such as a cell phone to increase accessibility to the emergency department.

Do not end the call
Since the emergency call center dispatcher may not have your number and contact information, do not hang up your call until 911 is given. If you accidentally lose communication, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Accuracy of information
Since the address in your subscription file will be automatically forwarded to the emergency call center dispatcher, make sure that this information is always accurate and up to date. If you do not comply with this requirement and if you are unable to speak to the dispatcher of the emergency call center, the dispatcher may believe that you are at the last address appearing in your file. subscription.

Inform other users
You are responsible for informing and agree to inform, all users and potential users of your VoIP telephone service of the nature and limitations of the VoIP 911 Service. Everyone must understand and accept its terms before using VoIP telephone service.

Limitation of Liability

At no time will we be liable to you or any third party for any damage of any kind that arises from an inability to use the VoIP Telephone Service or to access the VoIP 911 Service.

“Warning 911” sticker
Authorities require VoIP users to affix a 911 Warning sticker to all of their phones. This is necessary so that all users understand the limitations of the VoIP 911 Service. Download the 911 Stickers document and print the stickers on Avery 22805 or compatible labels.

In summary
• Make sure your VoIP phone service and your Internet service are functional.
• Some failures can prevent access to the 911 emergency service. Consider using a cell phone as an alternative.
• In an emergency, dial 9-1-1 to reach a dispatcher in an emergency call center.
• Be prepared to provide your location, a call back number, and the nature of the emergency.
• If you lose communication, redial 9-1-1.
• Do not hang up unless instructed to do so by the emergency call center dispatcher.
• Affix the 911 Warning stickers prominently on your phones or in a location that is easily visible to all users or potential users.
• Inform all users or potential users of the limitations of VoIP 911 Service and the tips mentioned above.

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