Receptionist Console

Handle incoming calls more efficiently!
Equip your receptionist with a hardware or software console. Easily monitor live call activities, employee’s status to promptly transfer calls.
Quickly connect callers with the right person the first time.
An expansion module or a web-based console provides a real-time view of calls and user presences.

Web-based Receptionist Console – Key Features

Live Calls Monitoring

Monitor how is calling your business in real-time.

Easy Transfer Calls

Quickly transfer calls to the right available person.

Realtime Extension Status

In-call status, useful for transferring calls.

User-defined Presence Message

Custom message to be displayed on the console.

Intuitive Drag-&-Drop Interface

Simply Drap-&-Drop to transfer a call.

Hardware Expansion Module – Key Features

Realtime Extension Status

In-call status, useful for transferring calls.

Easy Transfer Calls / Speed Dial

Programmable buttons for most used destinations.

Monitor 40 Extension per module

Each module display 20 extensions at-a-time.

Expandable to 160 Extensions total

Connect up to 4 modules to a GRP2615 phone.

Beautiful Color LCD Screen

Button assignments via the receptionist web portal.

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