See who is calling your business!

Gain better visibility into your business with our analytics features. Monitor your call patterns and peak call volume to improve your productivity and customer experiences.

Advanced analytics dashboard, graphs, and reports

With our advanced analytics, you can visualize and manipulate real-time and historical call data.

Extract key performances indicators through detailed call records metrics like call volume, call duration, hold time, speed of answer, and many more.

Perfect to monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and to quickly adjust resources levels to meet demands.

With our advanced analytics features, you can…


Analytics helps you make informed business decisions

Turn call data into actionable information to gain a competitive edge by improving your customer experience.


Generate customizable call activity reports

Measure and compare the performance of agents, departments, business locations, and even marketing campaigns.


Every call counts

Access and listen to call recordings directly from our call detail records reports.

Analytics – Key Features

Call Detailed Records

The system keeps detailed information about each call into your business, including time to answer, call duration, hang-up cause, message left and recordings.

call statistics

Call Statistics

A supervisor can monitor live calls statistics and agents’ status at any time. Supervisors can monitor, whisper, or barge in any calls.  Perfect for “live” quality control and call escalation.

custom reports

Customizable Reports

You can easily filter Detailed Call Records by call direction, status, caller ID, call destination and/or extension.

report export csv

Export Data

Save call data in PDF reports to distribution and or archiving.  You can also export call data in CSV format for further analysis and visualization in Excel.

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