Business Phone Lines

Replace your old phone system and business phone lines with a comprehensive cloud solution!
Transfer your business phone lines (and numbers) to us and get a full featured business phone system with unlimited calling to Canada and United States.
Cloud telephony provides flexibility to quickly adapt communication capacity to precisely meet your business needs at any time!

Communicate with the device of your choice!

Get all the features you need to run your business. Such as efficiently route incoming calls to improve the customer experience. All this for an affordable monthly payment.

Key benefits

Never miss a call again

Unlimited calling without having to add expensive "phone lines" to meet peak demand.

Unlimited Calls

Unlimited free calls to Canada and the United States.

Advanced features

Get all the features your business needs for a better calling experience.

No equipment to purchase

No need to “buy another” phone system to benefit from modern features.

Managed solution

Management and configuration changes are included in the price of your monthly payments.

No Contract

Our customers stay with us for the quality of our service and not because of a long term contract!

Popular Features

Flexible Call Flows

Automatically direct incoming calls to any person or team, given a set of rules.

Auto Attendant (IVR)

Simple or multilevel and bilingual menus to let callers select how to best route their calls.

Text Messaging (SMS)

Send and receive SMS messages with your business phone number. Centralized management via our web portal.

Call Queues

Place callers in prioritized queues. Callers are automatically sent to the next available agent.

Call Recording

Automatic or ad-hoc call recording.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain visibility on your call patterns, including call volumes per month, week, day, and even per hour.

HD Audio

Superior call quality equals more productive conversations.

Intuitive Web Portal

Access and manage system or user functions from wherever you are.

Talk with an expert now

Let's face it, we have multiple form of communications to interact with our customers, suppliers and partners.

However, a phone call is still the preferred way when the conversation is important!

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