For startups to large enterprises

Everyone needs a phone number!

One size does not fit all.  We offer solutions adapted to each business.

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No two businesses operate the same way – Why their phone system should?

Our IP telephony solution is configured to each customers’ unique requirements. We make technology work for you, not the other way around!

Our comprehensive solution includes all the features businesses needs

Microsoft Teams

Make, receive and/or transfer calls to/from any device running the Microsoft Teams application.

Keep your existing number

Port your local phone number, toll-free number of vanity number.

Follow-Me / Call Forwarding

Ring multiple device simultaneously or sequentially so that you never miss a call.


Our softphones give you access to all the advanced features. You can use it in addition to your desk phone, or as a replacement.

Call Queues

Answer more customers without adding “lines” or employees.

Receptionist Console

Equip your receptionist with a hardware or software console. Easily monitor live call activities, employees status to promptly transfer calls.


Gain better visibility and monitor your calls to improve your productivity and customer experiences.

Call Management

Efficiently handle your incoming call volume with our advanced call management features.

Business SMS

Send and receive text messages using your business number.

Voicemail Notification

Voicemail messages are sent to email as they arrrive.

Beyond features, we take the time to understand our customers’ requirements.

We design an IP telephony solution tailor-made for them.

From personalized greetings and menus to specific call flows based on operating hours.

Furthermore, as with businesses having different requirements, users may have a personal preference in how their want to be reached.

Our IP telephony solution allows each user to customize their preferences.


Business of all sizes relies on us for their IP telephony solutions

From separating personal and business calls to managing multiple business locations. We have a solution tailored for yours specific needs.


Replace your aging equipment and stop paying for support contracts.

Upgrade your phone lines with a modern IP telephony solution.

Add a business phone number to your existing cell phone.

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