Microsoft Teams integration

Work from anywhere, on any device!

Similar to our own softphone, you can make, receive and/or transfer calls to/from any device running the Microsoft Teams application.

S2T + Microsoft Teams = Communication  + Collaboration

Telephony is the foundation of business communications and productivity

By combining S2T’s real-time communications to Teams’ messaging and content collaboration,
businesses benefit from seamless, enterprise-grade communications and collaboration.

Desktop Dialpad

micrisoft teams dialpad desktop

Mobile Dialpad

Seamless Calling Experience from Microsoft Teams on any devices

Leverage S2T’s powerful business voice solution and streamline collaboration, messaging, and calling features
from within the Desktop, Mobile, and Web applications.

Using Microsoft Teams to place and receive calls?

It was initially used as an internal collaboration tool. Microsoft has recently introduced ways to make and receive phone calls.

Microsoft offers 2 options:
Calling Plan and Direct Routing

Both are ways for Teams to route voice calls
to the traditional phone network.

Microsoft Calling Plan

A basic phone system and a calling plan, created and maintained by Microsoft. Tightly coupled with Office365 administration console. It may lack the advanced features your business needs and you have come to rely on.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Direct Routing is the way to use S2T’s advanced features and unlimited calling. This means being able to take advantage of cheaper call rates, more flexibility, and better support.

with Direct Routing, you get the best of both!


Add a PSTN calling dialpad to Microsoft Teams applications

Make, Receive and/or Transfer PSTN calls from within the same Desktop, Mobile, and Web applications.


Leverage S2T's powerful Business Telephony Solution

Seamlessly combine all of our advanced telephony features with your team collaboration features.


Diversify Your Communication Infrastructure

Leveraging the capabilities of both solutions gives businesses the best of both, and also adds redundancy to a business communication infrastructure.

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