You have no doubt noticed that more and more things in our lives are now “virtual”. Business communication is no exception, users requiring more and more flexibility must equip themselves with a virtual telephone (or Softphone) to keep the pace.

What is a Softphone?

Basically, a Softphone is simply a softphone that runs on a Smartphone or PC. It plays the same role as the physical desk phone which allows you to place and receive calls with your extension telephone via your company line.

Good IP telephony service providers offer Softphone options for Smartphones and personal computers (PCs).


As the Softphone can be installed on your Smartphone or on your PC, it will allow you to keep in touch when you are away from the office.

The Smartphone Softphone will be used when you are in the car or on the move. It will simply require an internet connection via Wi-Fi or LTE.

The PC Softphone will be used when you are telecommuting or at the desk in your hotel room. Just like the Smartphone, it will require an internet connection via Wi-Fi or LAN cable from your PC.


To put it simply, your Softphone usually lets you do whatever you do with your desk phone. On a Smartphone, it gives you a second “line” giving you the ability to place and receive calls using your cell line or your business telephone extension.

The most popular functions are:

  • Call your customers with the company’s caller ID (to avoid revealing your personal cell number)
  • Receive notifications and take your professional messages
  • Place and receive internal calls (extension to extension)
  • Call waiting and transfers
  • See if your colleges are on call using the status light

What are the requirements?

In addition to a PC and / or a smartphone with an Internet connection, the following should be considered:

PC: A headset or the hands-free use of the microphone and the speakerphone on your device. If you use your PC sporadically, the headset probably won’t be needed. However, if you set up telecommuting or in a noisy environment, the headset will be recommended.

Smartphone: Unlike the PC, the smartphone was first built to make calls, so the Softphone will be used quite naturally. However, the energy consumption (battery usage) may increase.

Contact an S2T specialist today for advice on the Softphone (virtual mobile phone).