Phone systems today offer many features and each vendor names them in different ways. Some will name it Interactive Voice Response (IVR) an Interactive Voice Menu, an Interactive Voice Server, an “auto attendant”, a virtual receptionist or “virtual attendant”, etc.

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a kind of “robot” that allows calls from your customers to be routed to the right department or to the right employee. Whatever its name!

Here’s why you should consider using IVR in your business.

Make the system work for you

IVR lets you take and route calls while your employees perform other tasks. Unless your employees are twiddling their thumbs, answering customer calls, finding the right caller, or taking messages is a time-consuming task. A properly configured IVR will save you a lot of time and increase the quality of the customer experience.

Handling a high volume of calls

Many companies choose to offer a human experience with a receptionist who takes calls directly. Even with the best receptionist in the world, IVR will still be able to answer a greater number of simultaneous calls. Receptionists will also appreciate the help of an IVR when they are overwhelmed or on a break.

Improve the image of your company

Whether your business is multinational or self-employed, a well-configured IVR can enhance your brand image when calls are handled the right way. New customers who call a small business with IVR will feel like they are on a call to a large business!

Allow customers to contact the right person immediately

Each employee has their own extension. If you share your employees’ internal extension, your customers will be able to reach them directly through the direct dialing option.

Provide repetitive information

If you spend your time repeating your address, opening hours, or current promotions, perhaps you should make them available directly in your IVR menu which is accessible 24 hours a day.

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