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Add a business number to your existing cell phone

Solopreneurs can easily separate their business and personal communications without the need for a second cell phone plan.


A separate business phone number for solopreneurs

With no one to delegate to, solopreneurs know how important it is to prioritize their tasks. Take control of your business calls with a separate business number.

Easily add a phone number to your existing cell phone. Plus, get all the modern features to increase your productivity and project a professional image.

Key benefits for solopreneurs

Get a 2nd phone number

Stop giving your personal phone number to your customers.

Free Calls to North America

Make unlimited free calls to Canada and the United States.

Advanced Features

All the features your need to run your business better.

Full control

Access your phone system from anywhere and on any devices.


Get a phone system for less than the cost of a 2nd cell phone plan.

No Contract

No long term contact to sign, cancel anytime.

Popular features prized by Solopreneurs

Auto Attendant / IVR Menus

Simple or multilevel and bilingual menus to let callers select how to best route their calls.

Voicemail to Email

Receive voicemail messages in your email inbox.

Smartphones integration

Use your smartphones and show your company's number as Caller ID.

Flexible Call Flows

Automatically direct incoming calls to any person or team, given a set of rules.


Each user controls how the system will routes their incoming calls.

Audio Conference

Conduct audio conference calls with moderator controls for more productive meetings.

Detailed Call Records

Gain visibility on your calls, including answering time, call duration, and call termination cause.

Intuitive Web Portal

Access and manage system or user functions from wherever you are.

"Thanks to S2T, I realize significant savings. I got a plan that includes full phone service and a phone number for each region we serve. It allows me to keep in touch at all times without breaking the bank!"

Philippe Gravel


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