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Call Queue

Never miss a customer calling!

With a call queue, you can answer more customers without adding “lines” or employees. 

call queues

When the call is important…

Customers now have more options than ever before to communicate with a business, such as an email, live chat, chatbots, SMS, and social media.

However, a phone call with a live person is still the preferred way for most customers. This is specifically true when a customer needs help or is in the final stage of the buying process.

Never turn away a caller with a Call Queue

Sometimes you can’t answer all of your calls instantly. Either because your employees are too busy or of low staffing periods. With a call queue, there are no more busy signals or lost calls.

Place your callers in a queue, instead of a long ring time or sending them to voicemail. They will be automatically distributed to the next available agent. You can play promotional announcements while they wait.

Monitor the number of callers waiting and your agents’ status with a “live” dashboard.

Improve wait time by having agents log in or out based on call volume.

Improve your customers’ experience


Handle higher call volumes

Efficiently manage incoming calls through better resource management.


Monitor callers waiting

A “live” dashboard shows the number of callers and the status of your agents.


Monitor your customer experience

Listen, whisper, and barge in calls for training purposes, or call escalation.

Call Queue – Key Features

call queues

Automatic Call Distribution

Send incoming calls to the right department or specific agent.

agent availability

Agents Availability

Agents can dynamically log in or out based on call volume. 

crm customer information

Display Customer Information

Show important caller information from your CRM system.

call recording

Automatic Call Recording

Enable automatic call recording on a per queue or per-call basis.

supervised call queues

Supervised Queues

Monitor “live” calls for training, quality control, and call escalation.

dashboard and reporting

Dashboard and Reporting

Help you measure and improve your customers’ experience.

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