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SFA Estrie Case Study


SFA Estrie has specialized since 1991 in the financing of capital goods in leasing and long-term rentals. It offers solutions adapted to the investment projects of the self-employed, professionals of SMEs in all sectors of activity.


Customer Objectives

To have a single primary business phone number to reach the employees and representatives on the road. And to avoid disclosing representatives’ personal cell phone numbers to clients.


Problem Statement

The growth of the business has made it difficult to effectively manage communications only with only the employees’ personal cell phones. It is not effective for the customer to have to use and remember multiple phone numbers to reach employees.


Implemented Solution

A new business telephone number was published quickly. The configuration of interactive voice response system with different menus for days and evening, allows incoming calls to be routed to the specialists’ cell phone number or their voicemails.


Features valued by the client

  • Integration of employee cell phones.

  • Interactive voice menu configured not to disturb specialists outside of business hours.

  • The ease of being able to configure the cell number of financing specialists via the administration portal.

  • Office workers call and voicemail transfer function.



The image of the company has been enhanced with a flexible telephone system adapted to their needs. Experts are delighted to no longer have to disclose their personal cell phone number.

Technology Transformation Specialist