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“Thanks S2T! The deployment was done quickly without our customers and employees realizing it. A smooth transition to a modern and efficient system.”

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Kalla Cuisines Case Study

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Kalla Cuisines & Design is a Sherbrooke company specializing in the design and conception of modern and functional kitchens as well as project management until completion.

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Customer Objectives

To get a powerful and easily adaptable telephone system to increase the productivity and image of the organization.


Problem Statement

The telephone system currently in place lacked functionality and no one was able to properly maintain it to cope with staff addition. The fax machine was working intermittently, despite the low use of this obsolete technology, it was quickly necessary to find an alternative solution for the maintenance of operations with certain partners.


Implemented Solution

S2T unlimited business phone plan, employees have access to advanced features.


Features valued by the client

  • Phones with HD voice quality and personalized logo.

  • Interactive Voice Menu.

  • Sending voice messages notifications to users’ emails.

  • Forward calls to cell phones of telework employees.

  • Intercom and “Call Parking”.

  • Virtual FAX.



The transition took place quickly and without interruption of service. Employees have received training to increase productivity and improve customer service. The organization can now continue to grow by relying on a telephone system that is continuously up to date and easily adaptable to future changes.

Technology Transformation Specialist