“Thanks to S2T, I realize significant savings. I got a plan that includes full phone service and a phone number for each region we serve. It allows me to keep in touch at all times without breaking the bank!”

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BacPropre Case Study

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bacpropre is a new company offering residential and commercial cleaning services for recycling and waste bins.

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Customer Objectives

New business looking for a phone system to take calls when employees are on the go. Desires to offer a presence (telephone number) in each region served by the company. Look for a scalable solution to be able to cope with rapid growth in the near future.


Problem Statement

Desires to show a professional image that inspires confidence with customers in each region. The system should manage and route the calls automatically. The budget is limited since the business is just starting up.


Implemented Solution

Five telephone numbers were acquired and published to demonstrate a point of presence for each region served.

The system administration portal allows quick and easy setting of call routing functions based on the number called. The follow-me function can be adapted as a new employee is added to the team.

Employees can take calls without revealing their personal cell phone numbers.


Features valued by the client

  • Intuitive management portal to manage the options of the solution.

  • Routing of calls on his cell phone with the “Follow me” function.



A telephone number published in each region served ensures efficient management and follow-up of orders. The new company has a scalable enterprise-class system that can support rapid growth without the need for large capital expenditures.

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