Traditionally, companies had to equip themselves with a complex and expensive to maintain on-site telephone system. Today, times have changed, contractors no longer have to make big capital expenditures and make a long-term commitment with a supplier that risks storming them for 10 to 25 years.

Continuing to put money into your “old box” can be costly and engaging. Worse, the money spent will not increase your competitiveness. It will not provide the new functions that are necessary for your growth. It is important to recognize the signs that ‘it is time to move on’.

1. A function of your system is constantly down

Nothing is more frustrating than having a system that “just doesn’t kill”. Individual components or functions stop working, but the system still seems alive. For example, your voicemail boxes stop recording messages, music on hold stops, the front desk phone goes off, etc. In short, the system is alive, but not producing 100% of its output.

2. You are no longer even afraid to enter the closet of the telephone system
The difference between a good system and a bad system is how often you see it. When the system works, you don’t touch it. However, if your system needs attention, you will constantly be forced to take a walk through the dark, dusty, wire-filled closet.

3. Spare parts are no longer available

Your case was a technological feat at the time. But unfortunately it was in the 80s.

If to order new parts you have to shop on eBay or Kijiji because they are no longer available, that’s okay. But if to have these parts replaced you have to contact the nursing home, you should perhaps consider a simpler option.

4. Your business requires more advanced functions

Let’s say we assume that your case is working wonderfully to the point where you forgot where it is. You can make and receive calls, make transfers and even listen to your voicemail messages. In short, the system does what it needs to do.

Despite this little wonder, is it possible that he cannot?

  • Send email notifications with voicemail messages
  • Use your computer to place and receive calls when you are at home
  • Use your smartphone to place and receive calls when you are on the road
  • Ring several devices simultaneously or in turn to avoid missing a call
  • Allow you to quickly add a new employee without having to bring in the technician

The list of missing features can be long – the phone systems on the site unfortunately don’t offer new features automatically month after month.

5. You spend more on annual maintenance contract than the value of your box
If the cost of the maintenance expense is more than what it would cost to replace all of your devices, it might be time to shop around.

In conclusion

We know that replacing something that works is not always attractive. However, if eliminating your box and moving your phone lines to the same provider saves you money and increases your productivity, the choice should be easy!

Contact an S2T specialist today for advice on your next business phone system.